Periods, what an awful time of the month.

I mean, we know - we've got some horror stories of our own! That's why we started Flux: because we no longer want to worry about being unprepared or not having the right tools for the job.

Periods are so much more comfortable when you can deal with them in the way that you want to, with the right kind of pad or tampon for that day of your period. But we know that in the real world this isn’t always possible, and that people tend to make do with what they’ve got at the back of their bathroom cabinet or the bottom of their handbag. That's why the Flux period subscription box service will always be about choice: you can pick the exact combination of pads, tampons and liners you want, from the brands you trust, and we’ll deliver them to you when you need them.

Even though periods happen to half the world's population, they're still something that very few of us feel comfortable talking about. This has all sorts of negative effects on women all over the world - from 24% of British girls going through the horror of starting their periods before they've been taught about them, to 41% of girls in Nepal who are held back in life by regularly missing school because of their periods.

At Flux we want to help break down the stigmas surrounding menstruation, so we'll always be honest, and we’ll never use euphemisms to hide that we’re talking about periods. Our company is unapologetically about empowering women and supporting gender equality - in short, we're about feminism, and we're proud of that. To support this, a portion of our profits will go towards helping women's charities around the world.

Whether you choose to attach yourself to your hot water bottle, throw yourself into your work, pamper yourself, or go rollerblading in white jeans like the tampon ads (is there anyone who actually does this?!), we at Flux support your period coping mechanism.

Flux, own the flow.